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Why special connector switch shrapnel with copper is better

by:Fortuna     2021-02-05
Copper alloy material in machining process used in the connector shrapnel, first was processed into thin sheet plate ( The take-up) And then cut into strip shape to meet the need of the back of the stamping process. Wire is also used in the connector, but in the terminal components and other types of connectors such materials used very little. Special connector shrapnel 1: easy recycling and environmental protection, the copper alloy is one of the first used in commercial application of recycled metal, this is because the industry can use economic way to maintain the impurity in the copper alloy at a low level. : 2: the conductivity of copper is second only to silver and is superior to all other metals, and is used as the test material conductive performance benchmarks. Copper has good electrical conductivity, and high melting point ( 1083℃) , good mechanical properties, corrosion resistance, reliable operation, long service life, is the most common conductive material, widely used in electrical, electronic and electrical appliance industry. Electrical with the purity of copper general requirements is very high, usually in 99. More than 98%. So is divided into the different hardness of different grades of copper, so in addition to the shell is made of stainless steel, the connector which internal metal stamping parts are choose copper shrapnel, special connector switch shrapnel why with good reasons for copper. Dongguan precision connector precision stamping parts processing. 。
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