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Why spring force is insufficient, what factors?

by:Fortuna     2021-02-08
In life to use spring products has a lot of, why some spring force may arise in the process of using in the situation of insufficient, what factors lead to such a situation? Due to the insufficiency in spring force: 1. Soft spring wire itself, or the spring quenching temperature is low or the holding time is not long enough, or spring forming after tempering temperature and time is long, lead to tensile strength and stretch enough, this is the true sense of the elastic is not enough. 2. Unreasonable non-standard spring design parameters: focus on parameters such as diameter, diameter, length, often ignore the wire cross-sectional area and the size of the pitch, leading to stretch enough. 3. Standard spring selection is not reasonable: due to covet price cheap and choose the lighter load type to carry a heavier load, resulting in feeling not enough stretch. 4. In excess of the prescribed temperature used and results in the decrease of elastic even lose flexibility. 5. Spring quality grade a mistake: accidentally or intentionally put ordinary spring when high quality spring or imported spring use, resulting in feeling the tension is not enough. Precision, reminding hardware manufacturers in order to avoid the spring tension is insufficient, in the usual process should pay attention to the above points. As long as it is to do physical products company, its core competitiveness is necessarily the quality of the product quality. Dongguan precision electronic technology co. , LTD. Is a metal stamping manufacturer located in dongguan shatian, mainly to provide precision metal stamping parts, SMT terminal, beryllium copper terminals, stainless steel shrapnel and other non-standard customized processing.
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