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Why the metal stamping parts can directly affect the quality of switch socket

by:Fortuna     2021-02-13
Switch socket, the main electric devices, when we open the socket can be seen inside there are a lot of hardware, the main socket can be inside the terminal, it is made of metal material by stamping and metal materials, mainly take the role of conductive, general common have copper ecru terminal terminal, iron, nickel, if is made of copper color socket are generally more expensive price, service life will be longer than iron, iron is easy to rust, oxidation, but not every outlet structure of copper is a good outlet, some businessmen in order to save costs is very thin material processing and become, with long time within the socket of metal stamping parts easy to deformation, or some manufacturers only in the interior of the socket and plug terminal joint adopts the copper material, other parts are used the iron wire or copper wire together, if we asked big power cables can't load current, the size of iron wire, copper wire will be burned or short circuit. So the decision quality and quality is often socket outlet cables in metal stamping parts of the main hardware fittings on a paper: metal stamping parts how to enter the market
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