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Working principle of pneumatic punching machine for stamping parts processing equipment

by:Fortuna     2021-03-05
Pneumatic punching machine for stamping parts processing equipment, suitable for all kinds of metals and metal pipes; including machinery industry, household goods industry, electrical appliances, automobile and motorcycle accessories, etc. Compared with electric punching machines, pneumatic punching machines are more hygienic and clean, and adopt advanced photoelectric protection technology. , It can achieve a significant improvement in safety performance. The cooperation of computer counting and programs realizes an unattended processing flow, which greatly improves work efficiency and reduces production costs. Electric punching machines are not only noisy, pollute the environment, and are complicated by themselves. The cost of structural parts is relatively high, the maintenance cost is high, the degree of difficulty is high, and the power consumption is high; the pneumatic punching machine for stamping parts processing equipment has simple structure and low production cost. It adopts pneumatic technology to realize one air compressor for multiple units at the same time. The pneumatic punching machine works more energy-saving; it saves electricity, its operation is simple, and the safety performance is high. The foot switch is used to control the solenoid valve, the failure rate is low, and the production efficiency is improved; recommended article: the use of lubricating oil in stamping parts processing plants Prev: There are three kinds of holes on automobile stamping parts, which are the three?
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