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Wuhan automobile metal stamping parts, how to identify the strength of a stamping company + 3 minutes to show you

by:Fortuna     2021-04-14
The production staff in charge of the Wuhan automotive metal stamping parts processing plant said that, to a large extent, the scale and experience of a factory, as well as the design and processing capabilities, determine the quality, efficiency, and cost of stamping parts. Point characteristics. How can I identify whether a metal stamping factory has this ability? I mainly look at a few points. Let me take a look with you: 1. Choose a good stamping process and develop a scientific and good stamping before producing metal stamping parts. Process, only a reasonable stamping process can ensure that there are fewer failures and fewer wastes in the actual production process, and at the same time, it can greatly increase the output of the product. 2. Good stamping die metal stamping parts are directly processed and produced by stamping dies, so the quality of the mold must be ensured, especially for mass-produced metal stamping parts, the level of mold quality has a large impact The cost of metal stamping parts. 3. Automated production. Nowadays, the cost of metal stamping parts, especially the relatively small electronic stamping parts, is often the labor cost. Therefore, the implementation of stamping automation is an imperative trend. Hardware, 15 years of focus on Wuhan automotive metal stamping parts, 5000 square meters production workshop, hundreds of precision processing and production equipment, more than 20 Ru0026D and design engineers, monthly 100+ sets of mold processing capacity and daily production capacity of 3 million punching times, stamping accuracy can be Up to 0.01mm, 16 quality inspection layers are strictly checked. It can quickly solve the urgent problem of time when choosing hardware stamping processing, solve the problem of stamping accuracy, and solve the problem of production quality. Over the past 15 years, I have been conscientious and dedicated to the results of your needs only for the results of your work!
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