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Wuqiqishan Hardware Stamping Parts Factory + Which one is better for stamping quality?

by:Fortuna     2021-04-17
Customers are particularly troubled when choosing a stamping manufacturer, because there are a lot of factors that need to be considered, such as stamping dies, daily production capacity, precision, etc. One of the things that everyone cares about most is 'quality'. 'Hardware' is a powerful stamping manufacturer for 15 years. In general, many precision stamping parts manufacturers have the following shortcomings: (1) Precision stamping parts manufacturers are shallow, lack of teamwork, and lack of expertise (2) Precision stamping parts manufacturers are slow to cooperate, molds are long, and the daily production capacity is insufficient (3) Precision stamping parts Manufacturers are of poor quality, unclear standards, and substandard precision. Why can Wuqiqishan Hardware Stamping Factory Hardware become the first choice of 15,000 companies in the world? (1) 15 years of craftsmanship has accumulated 300,000+ sets of precision mold custom processing experience, molds can be applied to mass production of metal stamping parts, precision stamping parts and so on. (2) Import multiple sets (Taiwan/Japan/U.S.) advanced and precise stamping equipment, with an average daily production capacity of 300,000+ stampings, which will solve your urgent orders in advance. (3) 20 years of experience in stamping design engineers leading a well-trained team can solve the problems encountered by customers and stamping design. (4) The precision of the metal stamping parts produced by stamping has reached (plus or minus) ±0.01mm, which will increase the assembly rate of your new products by 30% and speed up the market in 5-10 days. (5) For the quality of all metal stamping parts, the hardware has set up 16 quality inspections to ensure the quality of each product. Wukikishan Hardware Stamping Parts Factory has focused on ingenuity and precision metal stamping for 15 years. If there is a stamping demand, we look forward to your call to help you solve your problems: choose, choose success! ! !
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