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130th China import and export fair in Guangzhou


Dongguan Fortuna Metals Co., Ltd. is a one-stop solution enterprise dedicated to the production, processing and production of hardware products. At present, it has exported its products to dozens of countries and regions. In order to further expand the foreign business market, Shiyunjia is Participated in the 130th Canton Fair in 2021. Let more foreign entrepreneurs see our top technology in the field of metal stamping and CNC parts processing.

The Canton Fair is China's important trade promotion platform, directly connecting the international and domestic markets, and an important node in the international and domestic dual cycle. It has a unique position in building a new development pattern. Standing at the new starting point of the second centenary goal, the Canton Fair will fully implement the spirit of the congratulatory letter from General Secretary Jinping, based on the new development stage, implement new development concepts, serve to build a new development pattern, innovate system mechanisms and business models, and continue to improve internationalization , Specialization, marketization, and informatization level, to promote online and offline integration, domestic and foreign trade integration, import and export integration, exhibition and conference integration, making Canton Fair become an efficient display of Chinas economic development, industrial development, product upgrading, and the latest achievements. The trade platform uses two markets and two resources at a higher level to better play the role of an all-round opening platform, better serve the national strategy, serve all-round opening up, serve the innovative development of foreign trade, and serve to build a new development pattern.

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