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by:Fortuna     2021-02-02
Memory card connector gold finger plating quality of a material soft, connector terminals is not smooth, slightly plug 35 times can see obvious scratches on the gold fingers, so close to terminal rushed into spherical to alleviate the abrasion. Or even die design for shear plane without acting on the glass surface, but after bending into the glass, there two edges on the surface will become warped up by poisson effect, so only when the male female supplied with the curling up the two edges on the male terminal sliding, abrasion problem is still serious. SMT the leg of product design, and in a horizontal segment had better have a zigzag bend in order to avoid the thermal stress on the solder joint is too large, on the other hand, really want to eat the tin of the tail and the horizontal plane Angle is too big, or otherwise cause only end bending point solder, can through the SMT soldering test. Connector terminal attention should be paid to avoid tin plating area directly connected to the plating area, in order to avoid has the overflow of tin in the SMT process adverse circumstances. When the product spacing is very small, terminal assembly parts are also very short, it is difficult to rely on assembly way get reliable effect and retention, are then clip material moulding way should be considered. Clip material moulding ways should pay attention to two points: (in terms of the connector terminals 1) 。 Within the mold of the sealing material of terminals to control the width in 0. 03mm( Plus or minus a half) 围内变异范( 联电镀层厚度都要考虑进去) In order to avoid too wide mold crush or too narrow a feather. Other sealing materials section should be flat section, avoid sealing material on the surface of the curves. ( 2) 。 Mold clamp things, high temperature liquid plastic flows through the surface of the connector terminals, the temperature may be higher than 300 degrees Celsius, will cause the tin lead melting on the surface of the terminal and the plastic to flow downstream, unfortunately received adjacent terminals, change caused a shortage of injection products. So you must avoid lead tin plating area extends to the plastic cover area.
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