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Advantages of stamping manufacturers using automated equipment.


With the continuous development of society and technology, labor costs continue to rise, and many manufacturers are faced with opportunities and adjustments for transformation and upgrading. The introduction of automation equipment by stamping manufacturers has greatly improved efficiency and reduced production risks while reducing production costs. coefficient. Next, let's take a look at the advantages of stamping manufacturers using automated equipment.

1. Significantly improve material production efficiency

After the implementation of stamping automation, part of the stamping process does not require manual intervention, and fully automatic production greatly improves the entire stamping efficiency. In production, it is necessary to continuously improve the process technology and continuously increase the production capacity.

2. Effectively reduce manufacturing costs

The use of automated equipment can achieve high-speed processing, greatly reducing the production time, thereby obtaining higher economic benefits. At the same time, the service life of the stamping die can be extended. However, it should be noted that the economic benefits obtained after stamping automation are gradually greater than the investment in production equipment, that is, attention should be paid to the overall benefits of stamping production.

3. Reduce the footprint of metal stamping factory space

The application of automation equipment reduces the workshop area required for the storage, transfer and accumulation of raw materials between each process and equipment; due to the compact installation location of multiple presses, more space can be reserved for production use.

4. Reduce the risk factor in production

It fundamentally solves the insecurity/safety factor of the stamping operator's hands entering the stamping work area. In some automatic production environments, the operator may not even enter the production site to ensure personal safety/safety in the production process. In addition, once automatic monitoring and corresponding automatic protection devices are used in all aspects of stamping production, equipment accidents and mold damage can be avoided.

5. Reduce the labor intensity of workers

With the continuous increase of raw materials processed in the stamping process, the processing speed of workers will also decrease, and manual operation is a heavy manual labor. When the weight of the stamping parts is very large, the handling speed of the workers will be greatly slowed down, and the production efficiency will be reduced accordingly. After the stamping automation is realized, it can break through the physiological limit of labor and move relatively heavy stamping parts at high speed, so as to get rid of the heavy stamping labor and improve working conditions.

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