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Annual travel in October, 2021- Qingyuan Lianzhou


In order to reward all employees for their hard work in 2021, Dongguan Fortuna Metals Co., Ltd. organized all employees to travel to Lianzhou, Qingyuan City at the end of October 2021. Through the trip, employees fully relieved their work pressure and felt the companys corporate culture. Let employees see the company's leaders' care and love for their subordinate employees, as well as the company's sense of teamwork, and the company's vigorous vitality. This trip is not only photos, souvenirs, but also affirmation of our company and our yearning for a better life.

We believe that in the days of working together in the future, our Fortuna Metals Co., Ltd. will bring more high-quality services and high-quality hardware processing products to more customers. And let us move towards being a leader in the field of metal  processing.

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