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China(Germany) Fair from Jun.12 to Jun.14 in Essen, Germany


From June 12th to June 14th, we had the pleasure of participating in the China (Germany) Fair held in Essen, Germany. As one of the leading Chinese companies in our industry, this exhibition allowed us to showcase our latest products and technologies to industry experts, potential partners and clients.

Our team was composed of our most experienced professionals and sales representatives who were more than happy to engage with visitors and share insights about our industry. During the three-day exhibition, we had the opportunity to meet with a wide range of exhibitors and visitors from China and the rest of the world.

We were delighted to see a great turnout and many visitors took the time to visit our booth and discuss our products and services. We were also impressed by the warm reception from our German hosts who welcomed us with traditional hospitality.

Overall, the exhibition was a grand success and helped us to create new business opportunities, engage with potential partners, and expand our networks. We are committed to growing our presence in Germany and the rest of the world. Thank you to everyone who visited our booth, and we hope to see you again soon.

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