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Experience sharing of precision stamping tooling design.


The mold industry is very complicated, and technology requires a long time of accumulation and practice. Dongguan Fortuna can design and manufacture stamping toolings according to the different needs of customers, and apply them to internal production, and has accumulated rich experience in mold technology. Below, the technical staff of Dongguan Fortuna will share with you some experience in designing and designing products of precision stamping tooling.

 1. The punching position of the product is too close to the bending edge, the punching hole will be deformed after punching first, and the punching hole after punching first has no strength. At this time, in order to ensure the size, it is recommended to open the process hole at the bending position to avoid the hole position.

 2. Similar to the convex hull with the corner, the corner position is very easy to break due to the pulling material. In order to ensure the appearance, it needs to be changed to a process hole to remove the corner position.

 3. The bending position often bends to the inside of the material. In fact, the product is very ugly. In order to ensure the stability of the angle and the appearance, it is necessary to add a process groove at the bending position.

 4. The bending position is directly connected to the product plane, which is prone to cracking after bending. In order to ensure the bending angle and appearance, it needs to be improved to bend with a straight section, and the improved height H is preferably not less than 2T.

 5. The bending angle is too large. In order to ensure the stability of the angle and reduce the rebound when the mold is used for one-time molding, a bulge (called: reinforcement rib) can be added in the middle to ensure stability and stress.

 6. When the product material is thick, the product position is prone to cracks or even cracks after bending. In order to reduce this situation, try to keep the punching burr on the inside of the bend.

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