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How Much Do You Know About The Process Of Metal Stamping Process


Metal stamping process know how much? Dongguan Fortuna Metals co.,LTD, precision metal stamping, stretch forming, many years of processing and customization experience, can customize the production of various metal stamping parts, automotive stamping parts, precision stamping parts, but also provide one-stop service from mold design to surface treatment.

1. Analyze the parts process drawing

Design and draw the metal stamping parts of the three views and the workpiece expansion diagram, its role is to use the drawing to express the structure of its sheet metal. Analysis of parts drawings can quickly understand the size of the workpiece, base point, straight line, curve and cutting surface position relationship, determine the origin of the workpiece and calculate each break point and curve connection point.

2. a reasonable choice of stamping materials

The materials used in stamping should not only meet the technical requirements of the design, but also meet the requirements of the stamping process and subsequent process requirements. The common metal stamping sheet is low titanium alloy, carbon steel stainless steel, aluminum, copper and its alloys.

3. classification of the use of stamping equipment

According to the nature of the stamping process to be completed and the force characteristics of various stamping equipment, considering the main factors such as the deformation force required for stamping and the size of the mold closure height and profile size, combined with the existing equipment to reasonably select the type and tonnage of equipment. According to the structure, it can be divided into three kinds: simple punching press, continuous punching press and compound punching press.

4.the selection of stamping oil

The stamping oil plays a key role in the stamping process, and the good cooling performance and extreme pressure anti-wear performance have made a qualitative leap in the service life of the die and the improvement of the workpiece accuracy. According to the different material of the workpiece, the performance of the stamping oil is not the same when it is selected.

5. determine the reasonable process type

The selection of the surface process method of stamping parts is to choose a reasonable method for each surface with quality requirements on the parts. According to the basic process of stamping the main basic processes are divided into blanking, punching, bending and drawing several basic processes. Generally, the Z-final process method is selected first according to the accuracy and roughness requirements of the surface, and then the pre-seiko preparation process is determined.

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