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Introduction to the Factors Affecting the Quality of Stamping Production Process.


As a manufacturer of stamping parts, everyone must know that man-machine material, method and ring are five indispensable elements in the stamping production process. Here we also need to add 1 test, that is, the factors that affect the quality of the stamping production process. Operators, equipment, materials, process methods, environment and measurements. Let us briefly introduce these six factors.

1. Operator: The operator's technical level, quality control awareness, carefulness, and even the operator's emotion may have a certain impact on product quality.

2. Processing equipment: Machines are necessary equipment for manufacturing products. The quality of stamping parts depends largely on whether the production equipment is excellent. Therefore, the accuracy of the equipment is an important factor related to the overall situation.

3. Raw materials: mainly refers to the raw materials that make up the product and the auxiliary materials used in production.

4. Process method: A reasonable processing process and operation method can achieve twice the result with half the effort. It can not only ensure the production quality, shorten the production cycle, but also save production costs, and vice versa.

5. Processing environment: A good environment has a great impact on the quality of the products produced. For example, the cleanliness and temperature of the processing site can affect the quality of the products.

6. Measurement: Whether the measurement method is standard and correct can also affect the quality of the produced product.

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