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Monthly Meeting & Birthday Party

Monthly Meeting & Birthday Party


The morning meeting is an effective means of realizing the company's vision and a corporate culture. Its meaning is to:

1. Unify the values of the team.

2. Ensure the realization of strategic goals.

3. Deploy key tasks.

4. Improve employee confidence.

Therefore, holding a monthly meeting can effectively enhance the team's cohesiveness, execution and morale and lay a solid foundation for the rapid development of the organization. In addition, this is an effective way for employees to understand the details of the company's development.


As a member of Fortuna, the company prepares birthday parties and birthday presents for each member. Let employees fully feel the warmth of the company, while allowing employees and managers to better integrate into the family. Fortuna has always maintained a sense of social responsibility and brought more benefits to its employees.

Mothly Meeting

                                                                                                                          Reward Outstanding Teams and Individuals

Birthday Party Of Employees

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