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Poland Trade Exhibition 2023


         From November 29 to December 1, 2023, Steven Yan, the main person in charge of foreign trade, and Liu Jun, the company's CEO, went to the Polish exhibition to participate in the exhibition.On the one hand, one was to understand the current international environment for metal stamping products in the European market and learn the advantages of foreign products. We also discuss our products and technologies with foreign engineers and customers, communicate and learn from them.On the other hand, the second is to visit our company's major customers in the European market and discuss with them possible problems in the products in the project cooperation and how they can be further optimized. part. At the same time, I took the opportunity to visit our company's latest customer, Philips, to show them our company's existing similar products, further technical exchanges, solve possible unfavorable factors in the product production process, and promote better cooperation between the two parties. 

During the exhibition, we introduced our company's current development status, production equipment, design and product quality capabilities, and partners we have reached to our participating partners. We mainly introduced to them the product characteristics of our metal stamping parts and CNC parts. Application areas. Fortuna specializes in manufacturing precision stamped terminals, spring clips, brackets, automotive parts, lead frames, connectors, etc., and is able to provide customers with one-stop services such as customization and production services. During the exhibition, customers raised technical questions and wanted to make further optimization and modifications on the original basis. Steven Yan answered them one by one, which was unanimously recognized by customers. They said that for Fortuna, I appreciate the technology and production capabilities very much. If similar products are developed in the future, I will give priority to cooperation with Fortuna. Among them, some exhibitors expressed great interest in our products and expressed their desire to have samples for research. They also expressed high praise for the precision of our products.

         All in all, during this exhibition, we showed our more representative products to foreign customers. Not only were we recognized in terms of products and technology, but we also gained a large wave of potential customer markets. At the same time, we learned some optimal solutions and management experience for problems in the production process from some foreign friends. However, it is also through this exhibition that we have also seen that the current domestic and international environment has become saturated. We should also change our thinking, constantly optimize products and technologies, and strive to achieve high precision, high cost performance, and excellent quality assurance. Customer first philosophy.

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