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Year-end Celebration Dinner of 2018

Year-end Celebration Dinner of 2018


We are guided by the principles of "integrity, cooperation, innovation, efficiency". In 2018, we joined hands and grew together. We worked hard and successfully completed the company's sales goals.

In order to thank the employees who have worked tirelessly, Fortuna held a grand year-end celebration dinner, inviting representatives of customers and suppliers.

At the same time, our various departments also prepared wonderful and interesting performances for the gathering, which made customers and suppliers see that we are positive, united and enthusiastic.

At the party, several awards were presented, such as the outstanding employees of the year, the outstanding superiors of the year, the improvement awards, and the progress awards.

The staff fully experienced good corporate culture through many activities such as the lucky draw and dinner.

In general, this is a grand event before the Lunar New Year!

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