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A Happy Weekday :Fortuna organized a meaningful teamwork in March


In order to strengthen communication and collaboration among various departments of the company, increase team cohesion, improve the enthusiasm of employees within each department, promote communication among employees, and enhance cohesion and team spirit, Fortuna organized on March 8, 2024 at Impression Dashan Agricultural Park, Dongguan City A unique department team-building activity was held, with all members of the PMC department and packaging department present.

The content of this activity not only includes relaxing warm-up games and motivational projects that test teamwork and cohesion, but also includes a personal work relief and sharing session and a final personal relaxation activity session.

At the beginning of the activity, Mr. Liu gave a brief introduction to this team building activity, and also shared the company's recent development status and shortcomings. I hope everyone can find the meaning of teamwork and how to be effective during the activity. Improve team cohesion and promote team work to be more efficient.

During the activity, some teams took the lead and cooperated harmoniously in each team collaboration game with a clear division of labor. In particular, the head of the department played a leading role in the game and maximized the advantages of each team member; and the cooperation The relatively deficient departments did not perform well in the game. This also shows that there is a lack of understanding and cooperation in daily team work. After the game, everyone also shared their experiences. Most people said that this activity was of great significance. It not only liberated them physically and mentally after a long period of work, but also realized the importance of a team. nature, and learned to value teamwork in daily work. Instead of just focusing on individual work completion, we should think about other people in the team and how to achieve maximum efficiency in team work.

After the event, Mr. Liu also said: The significance of this event has been demonstrated to the greatest extent. The purpose of this event is to let everyone understand the importance of being a team and know how to balance the division of work between themselves and team members. , try to cooperate and understand each other.

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