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Analysis of various problems in the debugging of metal stamping parts (2)

by:Fortuna     2021-03-04
After the stamping die is assembled, the quality of the metal stamping parts and the performance of the die should be comprehensively inspected and tested through test punching. All kinds of problems that appear in the test punching should be comprehensively analyzed to find out the cause of the problem, and Make appropriate adjustments and corrections to the die to finally obtain qualified metal stamping parts; what are the problems that may arise below? 1. The height of the burr is uneven. When the gap is too large or too small, the height of the burr will increase; if the gap is too large, triangular burrs will be produced and the thickness of the burr will increase; if the gap is too small, the burr will be thin and high, and will Secondary shearing occurs; analysis of the causes of burrs: 1. The interval between the punch and the concave mold in the metal stamping part mold is locally inconsistent; 2. The collapse of the cutting edge causes local deviation; 3. The metal stamping part mold is eccentric, Leading to half of the burr height is inconsistent; 4. Improper installation of mold; 5. Inaccurate assembly of guiding parts such as guide post and guide sleeve; 6. Loose guide post 7. Poor guide accuracy of the press; debugging methods for this situation; 1 , After deburring, the shear section of the product is not flat because the gap is locally too large or too small, and needs to be corrected; 2. The cutting edge is locally worn, or due to poor quenching hardness, local collapse occurs, and the burr root R increases. Grinding is required; 3. If half of the shear surface is too large and half is too small, it is because the punch and the die are not concentric. If it is the inaccurate assembly of the metal stamping mold or guide post, just adjust it. However, if the position of the mold core changes during each stroke, it is due to the loosening of the die assembly part of the stamping part, and the mold core needs to be removed for tightening and correction; 4. When punching, it will be out of concentricity due to thrust. When the side bearing block or the guide bearing plate is under force, in order to ensure accuracy, a guide post must be used. If the concentricity does not meet the requirements after using the guide post, it is due to the poor quality of the guide post; 2. There is a large burr (compression burr) somewhere on the shear section. The obvious tongue-shaped part of the shear section is called compression burr. The reasons for the compression burrs are: 1. The overall gap between the punch and the die is too small, and there is a collapse or gap at the edge of the die; 2. The edge of the die has an inverted taper; 3. The die hole Static machining is difficult, with rough surfaces; debugging methods for this situation 1. Adjust the gap and sharpen the cutting edge; 2. Use a grinding wheel to grind away the bright part of the die edge caused by repeated extrusion and collision; 3. Grinding The vertical wall of the die hole is in contact with the part with serious spots; 3. The shear section shows linear ribs. The so-called linear ribs are the phenomenon of convex or concave lines on the shear section. The reason for this situation may be :1. There is damage such as a notch or curling edge in a certain place of the die. 2. The blank swells due to heat generated during the punching process, and the improper or insufficient lubricant selection will cause the metal stamping die to burn; 3. Short chips or foreign matter mixed in Adhere to the metal stamping die; the debugging method for this situation; 1. The hardness of the metal stamping die is too high, which is easy to cause chipping, and the hardness of the die should be reduced; 2. Change the lubricant; 3. In the production of metal stamping parts In the process, pay attention to the cleaning of the blank sheet; the article recommends: the debugging of the stamping part mold and the purpose of debugging Previous: Analysis of various problems in the debugging of the metal stamping part mold (1)
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