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Lead Frames

These products(lead frames) are commonly used in IC integrated circuit lead frames primarily including discrete device lead frames and integrated circuit lead frame led. The thickness of the product is generally 0.2mm, 0.25mm, 0.3mm. Typically, the product is strip-shaped and requires injection molding. It is widely used in the electronics field.

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What is the function of lead frame?

1. Provide support to the package device.
2. Preventing sudden surges of molded plastic between the leads and providing support for the plastic.
3. Enables the chip to be connected to the substrate, providing an electrical and thermal path from the chip to the circuit board.


What is lead frame made of?

As a chip carrier for integrated circuits, the leadframe is a key structural component that realizes the electrical connection between the internal circuit leads of the chip and the external leads to form an electrical circuit with the help of bonding materials. It plays the role of a bridge to connect with external wires and is an important basic material in the electronic information industry.


The lead frame consists of chip pads and pins. The chip pads provide mechanical support for the chip during the packaging process, while the pins are the electrical pathways connecting the chip to the outside of the package. The end of each pin is connected to a pad on the chip via a lead, which is called the inner pin, and the other end of the pin is the so-called pin, which provides the mechanical and electrical connection to the substrate or PC board.


Lead frame production materials

The function of the leadframe requires the leadframe material to meet the following characteristics.


Copper alloys for leadframes are broadly divided into copper-iron, copper-nickel-silicon, copper-chromium, copper-nickel-tin (JK - 2 alloy), ternary, quaternary and other multi-system copper alloys can achieve better performance and lower cost than the traditional binary alloy, copper-iron alloy has the most grades, with good mechanical strength, stress relaxation resistance and low creep, is a very good leadframe materials.


Due to the need for lead frame production and packaging applications, in addition to high strength, high thermal conductivity, the material also requires good brazing performance, process performance, etching performance, oxide film bonding performance. Material to high strength, high conductivity, low cost direction, adding a small amount of a variety of elements in copper, without significantly reducing the principle of conductivity, to improve the strength of the alloy.


What is IC lead frame?

The IC lead frame used in integrated circuits is a major structural material in the integrated circuit package. It mainly plays the role of carrying IC chips in the circuit, as well as the role of connecting the chips to the external circuit board electrical signals, and the mechanical role of installation and fixing.


The Best Lead Frame And lead Frame Manufacturer

As a professional lead Frame Manufacturer, Fortuna has a wide range of lead frames for you to choose from. Fortuna's lead frames are mainly formed by stamping metal or non-metal sheet materials through stamping dies with the help of press pressure, which has the following characteristics.


① Good thermal and electrical conductivity, able to reduce the adverse effects caused by capacitance and inductance, also conducive to heat dissipation.

② Low coefficient of thermal expansion, good matching, brazing, corrosion resistance, thermal resistance and oxidation resistance, good plating.

③ Sufficient strength, stiffness and formability. Generally tensile strength should be greater than 450 MPa and elongation greater than 4%.

④ Good flatness and low residual stress.

⑤ Easy punching and cutting process, and no burr.

⑥ Low cost, can meet the requirements of large-scale commercial application.


Fortuna also has a custom stamping parts service. Welcome to learn more products and customization information. Hope to build business relationship with you!

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