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Enter into Fortuna , the style of metals stamping in the field


On November 15, 2023, a learning event was organized by Focus Network, bringing together small and medium-sized enterprises from all walks of life to enter Dongguan Fortuna Metals Co.,Ltd. to learn about its professional capabilities, craftsmanship, management characteristics, etc., and then conduct a Discuss the working conditions of Fortuna , learn how small and medium-sized enterprises deal with large overseas customers through the brand's official website, and help companies build marketing funnels to win large overseas customers!

First of all, Liu Jun, the founder of Dongguan Fortuna Metals Co.,Ltd, briefly introduced Fortuna to entrepreneurs from the original intention, establishment background, establishment situation, and current development status of Dongguan Fortuna Metals Co.,Ltd . At the same time, he also talked about Fortuna The best starting point for expanding overseas trade.

Subsequently, Steven Yan, the head of Fortuna's foreign trade team, led the participants to visit Fortuna's precision manufacturing. First, I will tell you about the company's management philosophy from the 6S concept of Fortuna management, and then I will witness Fortuna's CNC automated processing and manufacturing and metal stamping manufacturing technology, and learn how to make bar metal and plate metal into precision metal parts. The most important thing is to have an in-depth understanding of how Fortuna's quality engineers and mold design engineers create the company's 0 PPM product quality. Finally, there is the last check on Fortuna - 100% full inspection. In short, every process of Fortuna product manufacturing is There are dedicated personnel who perform their respective duties to ensure that there are no problems with the product.

Immediately afterwards, the foreign trade director of Fortuna shared "how to adopt key account sales strategies and techniques" in foreign trade business, mainly focusing on three aspects: how to identify the basic information of key customers, how to analyze the product needs of key customers, and the competitive strategies of key customers. Detailed dismantling of aspects. Taking the 28/20 rule as an important criterion for distinguishing large customers, we subdivide the level of large customers through four levels: transaction indicators, financial indicators, customer characteristics indicators, and demand matching indicators; furthermore, based on the customer's perspective, we use four identities to It is pointed out that for different levels of communicators, adopting different communication strategies can greatly increase the probability of transactions; finally, from the four major obstacles to communicating with major customers, the three major awareness and the most critical use of major customer brands, In terms of the leading effect, it talks about the importance of large customers in increasing product awareness. It also discusses how to solve the three phases of customer trust building period, customer hesitation period and customer decision-making period through Fortuna's recent cooperation with the world-renowned company Philips. Difficulties over a large period of time eventually led to cooperation.

After the explanation, various entrepreneurs had in-depth discussions on issues such as company management and company operating mechanisms, and learned from each other and exchanged experiences. After the event, everyone took a group photo at Fortuna.

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