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Fortuna's 20th Anniversary Celebration And Year-End Party


On the occasion of the Spring Festival, in order to appreciate the partners, suppliers and employees who have accompanied the company along the way for the past 20 years, Dongguan Fortuna Metals Co.,Ltd.. held the 20th anniversary celebration of the company and Year-end party on February 3,2024. 

First of all, a professional performance team gave an opening encouragement, kicking off the celebration. After the encouragement, Mr. Liu, the founder of Fortuna, gave a speech to everyone. Mr. Liu said: Firstly, this celebration is to celebrate Fortuna’s development from a small workshop of 10 people to a metal processing and manufacturing factory with more than 200 employees now; Secondly, Thank you, thank you all for working hand in hand and accompanying the company through the ups and downs, hard work and brilliant achievements in the past 20 years.

Subsequently, a song and dance performance brought by employees brought the lively atmosphere of the ceremony to the extreme, and then unveiled the first wave of benefits brought to employees by this celebration - first, seniority awards were awarded to employees who have worked for 5-20 years, many of whom More than a dozen senior employees with more than 15 years of experience expressed their love for this job and the welfare support provided by the company in every word, which further strengthened their belief in working at Fortuna, especially the benefits this job can provide them Brings a sense of accomplishment and recognition. This also reflects that Fortuna’s employees are not only highly skilled, but also have a serious and rigorous attitude towards work that everyone can learn from. It is precisely in this way that we can produce such excellent quality products.

Accompanied by song and dance performances, the celebration reached its climax, welcoming the recognition of the company's outstanding employees/managers. Seeing the generous rewards for outstanding employees further inspired everyone's confidence to work hard in the coming year and to strive for success. As outstanding employees, the employees who were commended also appeared to be particularly energetic, showing the style of Fortuna's outstanding employees.

The most exciting moment is the draw. Everyone is gearing up to win the biggest prize. My colleague who was the first to be drawn was both excited and sad. He was happy because at least he didn’t have to lose the prize, but he was sad. There was no chance of winning the super grand prize, but the atmosphere of the lottery at the scene was indeed getting more and more intense, everyone was in high spirits, and the atmosphere of the celebration reached a climax with everyone's help.

After the lottery session, the party came to an end with everyone singing "Tomorrow will be better", ending this unique company 20th anniversary celebration and Year-end with everyone's wishes and joy.As a factory that specializes in custom metal parts processing, Fortuna is trustworthy and affirmative in terms of production experience and processing technology. Especially after 20 years of turmoil, Fortuna's processing and manufacturing strength cannot be underestimated.

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