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In the process of the metal stamping technical measures which must be satisfied?

by:Fortuna     2021-02-01
Whether technology or safety operation, hardware stamping process to meet the corresponding requirements, begin with its technical measures. To realize the so-called metal stamping, is to use the punch and die will be the iron, aluminum, copper plate and heterosexual wood make its deformation or fracture, to have a certain shape and size of a process. This shows, sheet metal stamping and forming has certain similarities, but slightly different, because the sheet forming is to use thin plate, thin wall pipe, profiles, etc as raw materials, in this case the direction of the plate deformation is generally not considered. In the design of metal stamping parts, the structure to be easy to operate, safe and reliable, in the process of metal stamping, as long as the staff hand, arm, the first into the danger zone, basic can complete the punching. Of course about the equipment debugging, installation, repair, handling and storage are very important, also is given priority to with convenient and safe. As a metal stamping parts, is bound to have enough strength, so the reasonable selection of materials; And forming of metal stamping parts to avoid contact with the outer convex concave products, so as to avoid damage. Metal stamping parts design, should consider the location of the mechanized equipment installation, so that when necessary use mechanization and automation device instead of manual operation. Metal stamping process, the use of top pieces, ejecting device and stripper plate structure must be reliable, otherwise can't produce safety hazards to operators. Under the cooperation of the demands, metal stamping to complete, excellent quality of metal stamping parts.
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