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Questions about stamping equipment

by:Fortuna     2021-02-02
Stamping parts in our industrial production application is more and more widely, we specially invited a dongguan hardware technology, the author, to help you solve the encountered in daily production of questions about the stamping. ( 1) Simple metal stamping parts need what equipment do you usually do? Punching machine, used for cleaning products cleaner, air compressor, used to grind the product burr and front of polishing machine, if it is your company open mould if you prepare to open mold of the equipment, such as bench drill, sparks machine, and so on. ( 2) How can automotive stamping parts warehouse general moisture? In many cases we are equipped with industrial dehumidifier, the number of the installation, we are determined according to the size of the warehouse. ( 3) How to measure real thickness of automotive stamping parts? Automotive stamping parts thickness measurement using a hand-held ultrasonic thickness meter condition permits, this is a relatively ideal thickness equipment, because most auto stamping parts surface with a certain curvature, and the thickness of the parts after the forming parts is not the same.
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