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What are the common problems of Linyi metal stamping parts and drawing parts + hundreds of processing and production equipment

by:Fortuna     2021-04-18
The hardware technicians in charge of the Linyi metal stamping parts manufacturer said that metal stamping and drawing parts have been seen everywhere in our daily life. When metal stamping and drawing parts are produced in large quantities, various problems will arise due to various reasons. , The following Xiaoshuo summed up experience based on practice to share with you common problems and solutions in the production of metal stamping drawing parts:    1. The shape and size of the metal stamping drawing parts do not match. The main reason for the shape and size of the metal stamping drawing parts is not matching because of the elasticity. In addition to measures to reduce springback caused by inaccurate positioning, the reliability of blank positioning should also be improved. 2. The surface strain of the metal stamping and drawing parts is caused by improper material selection, low heat treatment hardness, poor finish, wear of the die fillet, poor surface quality of the curved blank, excessive material thickness, and craftsmanship. Caused by unreasonable plan selection, lack of lubrication and other reasons. 3. Bending cracks of metal stamping tensile parts (1) When the angle between the bending line and the embossing direction of the sheet material does not meet the specified layout, the bending line should be perpendicular to the embossing direction when one-way V-shaped bending; The line is at 45 degrees to the embossing direction.   (2) The material of the stretched part has poor plasticity.  (3) The bending radius is too small and the pickling quality is poor.   (4) Insufficient lubrication-high friction.  (5) The corner radius of the convex and concave die is worn or the gap is too small-the feed resistance increases.   (6) The quality of the shear and blanking section of the stretched part is poor-burrs and cracks. (7) The thickness of the material is seriously out of tolerance-some of the solutions summarized by Xiaoshuo:    1. The shape of the metal stamping and drawing forming process should be as simple and symmetric as possible, and deep drawing at one time as much as possible;    2. It needs to be carried out many times. For stretched parts, under the premise of ensuring the necessary appearance quality, the response should have traces that can occur during the stretching process on the inside and outside;    3. Under the premise of ensuring the installation requirements, the response should have certain side walls of the stretched part Slope;   4. The distance between the bottom of the stretched piece or the edge of the hole on the flange and the side wall should be appropriate;   5. The bottom and wall of the stretched piece, the flange and the wall, and the rounded radius of the four corners of the rectangular piece should be appropriate; 6. The dimensions of the metal stamping drawing parts cannot be marked together with the internal and external dimensions. Hardware, 15 years of focus on Linyi metal stamping parts, 5000 square meters production workshop, hundreds of precision processing and production equipment, more than 20 Ru0026D and design engineers, monthly processing capacity of 100+ sets of molds and production capacity of 3 million punching times per day, stamping accuracy can reach 0.01mm, 16 quality inspection layers are strictly controlled. It can quickly solve the urgent problem of time when choosing hardware stamping processing, solve the problem of stamping accuracy, and solve the problem of production quality. Over the past 15 years, I have been conscientious and dedicated to the results of your needs only for the results of your work!
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