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Analysis of the process plan of U-shaped bending parts in metal stamping parts

by:Fortuna     2021-03-04
Among the metal stamping parts, there are many different kinds of metal stamping products. U-shaped bending parts are one of them. Before processing the U-shaped bending parts, how do we decide on its processing plan? Let's take a look below; when the part is a U-shaped bent part, the production of the metal stamping part includes three basic processes: blanking, punching and bending. There are also three process schemes: scheme one, blanking first, then punching , In bending, use three sets of single-process die production; Option two, first blanking, punching, then conform to stamping, and finally bending, using composite molds and single-process bending die production; Option three, punching blanking continuous stamping , Bend again. Use continuous mold and single-process bending mold production; below we will study and analyze these several programs. The mold mechanism is simple, but it requires three processes and three molds, so the production efficiency is low. Plan two requires two sets of molds, and the shape and position accuracy and dimensional accuracy of the metal stamping parts produced by the composite mold are easy to ensure, and the production efficiency is high. However, because the hole edge distance of this part is 4.75mm, which is less than the minimum wall thickness of 6.7mm allowed by the convex and concave mold, it is not suitable to use the composite stamping process. Scheme 3 also requires two sets of molds, and the production efficiency is also very high, but the stamping accuracy of the parts is slightly worse. In order to ensure the shape and position accuracy of the metal stamping parts, it is necessary to set a guide pin to guide the mold, so the mold manufacturing and installation are slightly more complicated than the composite film; through the comprehensive analysis and comparison of the above three schemes, the metal stamping parts are processed Proposal 3 for production is better; article recommendation: Evaluation criteria for defects in metal stamping parts (1) Previous post: Causes and solutions for cracks during stamping parts processing
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