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Cars with a USB connector terminal is introduced

by:Fortuna     2021-02-02
USB is gradually developed into a standard transport protocol. There is no doubt that this development thanks to the connector terminals are widely used in many electronic products. On the vehicle configuration such general bus equipment is very convenient and wise choice. At the same time, electronic products, such as laptops, iPods, mobile phones, MP3 players and good storage, etc. Scope of application in the automobile is also increasing, therefore, must ensure that the connector terminal electronic products and the reliability of data transmission between existing on-board equipment; In addition, the data transmission system not only are assembled in the high-end and luxury vehicles, but will also gradually developed to the standard configuration on the vehicle, it has become the mainstream of the current trends. USB is gradually developed into a standard transport protocol. Although the current market has been able to provide a large number of related transmission parts, especially in connection technology, such as: the connector terminals, and these accessories to use is also very convenient and quick. Based on many years of production the production experience of connector terminals, precision think these product design should meet many other boundary conditions in the vehicle to use, including the very harsh environmental requirements, such as vibration, humidity, gas pollution and mechanical stress, related parts must be able to normal operation at the specified temperature range. These requirements will ensure that the connector terminal of vehicle has a longer service life. Plug use is also an indicator of USB connector terminals is very important. At the same time, more important is how to choose the terminal connection system, it must be guaranteed within the service life of the vehicle are connected well. Here may face problems including low contact resistance and impedance, and terminal contact plug and socket of homogeneity.
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