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Causes and solutions of punch fracture and chipping in stamping parts processing (1)

by:Fortuna     2021-03-05
In the processing of stamping parts, the phenomenon of punch breakage and chipping sometimes occurs. What are the reasons and solutions for this phenomenon? Let’s take a look below; the reasons for punch fracture and chipping in stamping parts processing are: 1. Chip jumping, chip blockage, jamming, etc.; 2. Improper feeding, cut half of the material; 3. Punch strength Insufficient; 4. The large and small punches are too close together, and the material is pulled during punching, which will cause the small punch to break; 5. The punch and the die are partially too sharp; 6. The blanking gap is too small; 7. No punching oil or use The punching oil is highly volatile; 8. The blanking gap is uneven, offset, and the convex and concave molds interfere; 9. The unloading insert has poor accuracy or wear, and loses the precision guiding function; 10. The mold guide is inaccurate and worn 11. Improper selection of the material of the convex and concave molds, and the hardness is not equal. 12. The guide parts are worn out; 13. The gasket is improperly installed; Recommended article: Does too much punching oil affect the metal stamping die? Previous post: What are the principles of stamping process design in stamping parts processing plants?
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