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Connection Method Of Metal Stamping Parts


With the development of society and science and technology, the application of metal stamping parts is becoming wider and wider, and the demand is great, and environmental protection issues are also paid more and more attention. For sustainable development, the connection method of metal stamping parts, its traditional spot welding process is insufficient, the following content introduces several connection methods to improve the quality of precision metal stamping parts and reduce costs.


Metal Stamping Parts Precision Metal Stamping Parts


Bite seam connection: the connection method of turning the edges of the stamping parts to each other and buckling them tightly. The bite seam connection does not require special equipment, its compactness is good, and the connection is very reliable. Our common iron and copper are this kind of connection. Way.


Riveting: When the stamping part cannot meet the expected requirements. Two parts are commonly used to connect into one part, which is what we often call welding. Commonly used welding is argon arc welding, electric welding, gas welding, etc.; riveting is a non-detachable connection formed by means of rivets. The riveting structure has uniform force transmission. Reliable, tough, good plasticity, easy maintenance, etc., so it is used for the connection of some dissimilar metals and the connection of weldable metals (such as aluminum alloy).


Screw connection: generally used for detachable structures, which are characterized by simple structure, easy assembly and disassembly, low cost, and wide application.


Embedded connection: Screws, studs or nuts are pressed into the stamping. When it is difficult to assemble, the longer the screw is, the more difficult it is to control. At this time, it is better not to use the pre-embedded form, but to connect it directly with screws.

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