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In the production of precision stamping die and process of security

by:Fortuna     2021-02-02
Quality and accuracy of precision stampings largely depends on the mould, so if the mold qualified, process without problem, precision stamping parts can be up to the standard. But you don't forget the precision stamping parts production process, but also consider safety design problems. Mainly means the precision stamping die, of course, the security issues, first is the design of the structure, should keep feeding, materials, parts, easy to clean up the waste. In for large precision stamping parts processing, if must make working within the operator's hand into the mold, will probably reduce the range into the mold, and shorten a portion of the form as much as possible in the time duration of the mould, also equipped with necessary protective measures and devices as far as possible. In small precision stamping parts, already without any parts of the body close to the work area, so it is to prohibit such practices. In stamping mould dismantling, should be convenient and safe, to avoid the possibility of clamp, cut hand, reduce unnecessary damage. Also, not to be allowed to happen in the process of machining precision stamping waste or workpiece missile phenomenon, because it will affect the operator's attention, even by the operator. And too much and too difficult movements are not allowed when stamping, so as not to cause harm. Requirements for the various parts of precision stamping die, should have sufficient strength and stiffness, prevent damage and deformation in the course of using, especially the fastenings must have the loose prevention measures, avoid accident harm to the operator. Anyway, even if subtle problems will affect the safety, so be careful.
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