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Is metal stamping dangerous? Metal stamping manufacturer stamping plant answers doubts!

by:Fortuna     2021-05-07
Is metal stamping dangerous? This is the question that many people have at present. We all know that metal stamping is a process that uses punches and molds to deform or break stainless steel, iron, aluminum, copper and other plates and other materials to achieve a certain shape and size. However, metal stamping injury incidents still happen frequently, so some people think that metal stamping is a high-risk job. Is it really difficult to make metal stamping dangerous? Next, the stamping factory of the metal stamping manufacturer answers questions! Although metal stamping processing is dangerous, it is not really that dangerous. However, there are reasons for stamping injuries. On the one hand, it is the reason for the stamping plant, and on the other hand it is the reason for the workers' operation. As long as you do well in these two aspects, follow the stamping processing system, and operate properly, stamping is still very safe. Therefore, the points to note are as follows: First, the factory should pay attention to the fact that the factory operates a punching machine, how can the punching machine not be guaranteed to be completely qualified, and where does safety start? The equipment mainly has the following requirements: 1. Punching machine A well-running punch press is the foundation of safe production. The lubrication of the punch press must be normal; the copper bushings must not be excessively worn; the tightness of the brake must be within a normal range; the clutch and control system should operate flexibly; the bolts of various parts must not be loose; 2. Install the safety grating After installing the safety grating, if the puncher's hands or other items that affect safety enter the dangerous area, the punch will be stopped in an emergency; in the shutdown state, the punch cannot be started. 3. Reasonable switch design requires the design of two start switches and an emergency stop switch, and the two start switches must be a certain distance apart, as long as the stamper presses the two start switches at the same time to start the machine; the emergency stop switch cannot be separated from each other. The punching worker is too far away, otherwise when something happens, the worker cannot stop the punching machine for the first time. 4. The design of stamping die is reasonable. If punching press is the first element of safe production, then stamping die is the second element. The production of stamping parts relies on stamping dies, so whether the design of stamping dies is reasonable plays a vital role in safety. Whether it is convenient to discharge the material and whether the return is smooth, all affect the safety of the factory in the operation process. When designing the mold, it must be possible to ensure that the factory can easily use tools to unload and unload. 5. Safety tools must be used. It is absolutely not allowed to let hands enter the mold working area during the stamping process. This requires that safety tools must be used to complete the unloading and unloading work. The safety tools that are often used nowadays are magnet type, suction cup type and tweezers. 6. Establish a safety management system and punching machine operation manual. Stamping factories must carry out safety training for stamping workers from time to time, so that the concept of safe production can be deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. Help stampers to establish safe operating habits. Second, the stamping workers should pay attention to 1, maintain a good mental state. When operating a punch, you must maintain a good mental state, and you must not operate the punch when the mental state is not good. If you have any concerns, you must ask the factory for leave or transfer to another position. 2. Ensure concentration. In the process of work, you can't talk to others, let alone look at your mobile phone or make calls. Nor can they engage in anything that has nothing to do with the operation of the punch. 3. Calm state of mind When encountering the situation of improper feeding or product stuck in the mold, you must calmly shut down and do not be impatient. 4. It is strictly forbidden to enter the work area with hands. 90% of the accidents of punching injuries are caused by workers entering the work area with their hands. Under no circumstances should their hands enter the work area. This is the first guarantee of safety for stamping workers! Manual safety tools must be used! 5. Learn the company's safety regulations and operating manuals. Often learn the company's safety production specifications and systems, and establish safety awareness. Is the metal stamping dangerous? The metal stamping manufacturer's stamping factory answers your doubts here. So everyone follows the above-mentioned operations and precautions. Hardware stamping is actually not that dangerous. I hope that the above sharing will be helpful to everyone.
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