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Quality awareness training in November, 2020


Quality awareness is super important, therefore, we provided training for all staff at the end of November.

Quality awareness refers to peoples objective and subjective views and attitudes towards quality (including product quality, work quality) and various activities related to it in production and business activities, which is commonly referred to as the awareness of improving product quality Degree and importance, as well as the determination and desire to improve product quality. Human actions are governed by brain consciousness. What kind of consciousness will produce what kind of actions. A person with wrong quality consciousness can hardly imagine that he can make good products. Only when his ideology rises to a certain height, coupled with the corresponding work skills, he will make a good product.

We are specialized in metal stamping field and CNC machining field which needs high-quality requirements. Most of our products are very precise, the tolerance is generally within 0.05 mm. Quality awareness among operators, QC staff is what we pay great importance to. After regular quality control training, the staff will know the main function of products, key dimensions, and operation of measuring.


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