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Study the significance of how to lengthen the service life of the stamping die

by:Fortuna     2021-02-02
Stamping production without mold, and mold good or bad affect not only the quality of stamping parts, also relates to the stamping of high and low production cost. It is because of this, be sure to carefully choose, use and maintenance of stamping mould, which can ensure the quality of stamping parts at the same time for enterprises to reduce the cost of production. But the stamping die life is notoriously low, how to prevent its failure, prolong the service life of mould? Of course have to from stamping die failure analysis of the reasons to start with. Can according to the nature of the failure of stamping die and the problems that arise when using accurate and scientific division of its failure types, thus to quickly and accurately find out the cause of the failure. Second is accurate to take corresponding countermeasures, in order to prevent the stamping die early failure, improve the service life of the life. In the practical application of stamping mould is relatively common failure forms of wear and tear, mostly due to the material defects, design mistakes, bad values mould technique, factors such as accident or accidental injury. But we can find that stamping mould wear failure has certain regularity, can take effective means to prevent, and similar fracture, deformation and fatigue damage failure form itself is not common, even appeared can be solved through the replacement of damaged parts. If the service life of stamping die is able to guarantee or a singing of the forehead, can reduce unnecessary maintenance and replacement, besides can significantly reduce the production cost of stamping parts, certainly will also can save a lot of processing time, shorten the delivery cycle of stamping parts, create a better image for the enterprise. In all kinds of mechanical and electrical products, stamping parts of the varieties and quantity is much higher than other products, and with the rapid development of stamping technology, pressing and the material thickness and accuracy have been improved, so effectively extend the service life of stamping mould will have great significance to the entire industry.
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