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Use hardware mold adjustment lever the note

by:Fortuna     2021-02-10
In order to ensure that the hardware mold in the process of production efficient and effective adjustment portion size, mold joined the regulating lever work station, but in the use of lever adjustment should pay attention to the following matters, can get twice the result with half the effort. Matters need to be aware of when using the following: 1, when need to adjust size, please confirm whether your die height is correct, especially in the transfer list, strip to compare declaration, see if its product shape or chamfer is OK. 2, don't too hard during adjustment, with the power of the thumb and forefinger, not by force of wrist lock, do not use the old vice or other tools to twist. Two screws to cooperate, especially adjusted exactly, the adjusting lever of right Angle ( R Angle) It is easy to broken. 3, back out, pay attention to the exit limited adjusting lever, prevent regulating lever pull out after the work spare parts fall off. 4, when adjusting a certain size, attention may cause associated size changes. 5, when after the adjustment, the first thing we should pay attention to the appearance of the terminal, especially dot position or force place if there were any stamps ( Stamping) And scratch, etc. 6, every time after the adjustment, adjust the adjusting screw rod and the fixed screw locking elastic should be consistent, and to adjust lever regulating technique is the same. 7, each time to adjust, adjust the quantity not too much, to prevent the resulting materials or spare parts collapse and so on. Eight, to be small and can't adjust, we should consider whether location before the adjustment has been forming a smaller. 9, when the multiple places of terminal regulation, should pay attention to adjust the order. ( Such as: first to adjust the high, then adjust the linear. ) 10 and adjust according to the force of the point of application, the adjustment of different variables, such as the position of the dot and fan is associated with the size of dot, dot is large, the change is very fierce. After 11, adjust the size is not stable, the considerations of the cause caused by large change, such as: hardware mold spare parts, hardware die mould of scraps, materials with and without exception, working oil improper use, etc. 12, in general, regulating the punch on the starting point, but sometimes I need the dead point detection limit adjustment. 13, adjust OK, after a period of time in production, we must confirm the size is changed. Hardware mold to adjust the function of the stem is very large, save our production is a large part of maintenance time, improves the production efficiency directly. Dongguan precision electronic technology co. , LTD is a professional metal stamping mold production and production factory, welcome your consultation and order. In this paper, starting from the original, if reprint please indicate the source and the author
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