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Visiting Bitron Customer in Spain

After learning the time of the Polish exhibition, we communicated with the Spanish customer Bitron by email in advance to confirm the time for their visit. On December, we went to visit one of our most important customers, Bitron. We agreed on a meeting time around 2 p.m., and we arrived at the destination on time to meet with the customer. After meeting, we introduced ourselves enthusiastically and then started talking about the content of the visit.

First of all, we gave a brief introduction to the company's current operating conditions, product metal stamping car parts types, equipment and machine updates, etc. At the same time, Bitron also briefly described the current status of their company. We also learned about Bitron's recent project progress.

Subsequently, we talked with customers about the projects we are currently cooperating with to understand their feedback on our metal stamping parts products, whether there are problems and whether they can adapt to the progress of their production lines. Through a series of in-depth exchanges, we discovered the development of several projects we are currently cooperating with customers.  And then, customers express that they are very satisfied with the quality and service control of our products, and will continue to cooperate with Fortuna if similar new projects are developed in the future.

After the meeting, we took a group photo with the client.In general, we gained a lot during this visit. Whether it was cooperation and exchanges, product optimization, or factory management, we gained a deeper understanding and refined our thinking on factory management.

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