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Visiting long term cooperation Customer ,Videoton in Hungary

Taking advantage of the opportunity of this exhibition, we once again went to Europe to visit our long-term cooperative customer, Videoton. Before the visit, we also communicated with this old customer by email. The customer expressed that he was very happy for us to visit and communicate. On December 6, 2023, we were very excited to see our old foreign cooperation customer again. Especially this year, based on the customer's trust in our company, we have developed multiple new projects and added orders for existing projects many times.

First, we briefly discussed the existing stamping parts projects. The customer believed that the current metal stamping parts product quality and progress were very suitable, but he had doubts about the new project. Since the customer uses automated production, the packaging requirements for the product are very high. After detailed discussions, we agreed to accept the customer's suggestions and promised to optimize and improve the existing product packaging. Then, we visited the customer's existing automated production line and learned about the production status of the customer's products, from which we were able to further optimize the existing problems of our products.

Finally, we took a group photo with the customer and invited the customer to visit our company and learn from each other if they have the opportunity.


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