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Visiting Phillips Customer in Poland

Before the Polish exhibition, we were negotiating with Polish customer Phillips for new customers and reached cooperation with them on the first project, but there are other projects that require more detailed communication. Therefore, we use the opportunity of this exhibition to visit customers and promote closer cooperation. Phillips is very willing to have face-to-face conversations with us, and both parties have agreed on a time.

First of all, since Phillips is a new customer of cooperation, we once again introduce the company profile in detail to deepen our understanding of the cooperation between the two parties. Furthermore, we discuss the details of the consumer  
metal stamping parts products projects we have reached before, and understand the customer's needs in terms of technology and metal stamping parts for the projects we are negotiating, and we bring production products and samples that are similar to the customer's needs. On the one hand, in order to show customers that our company has sufficient experience and capabilities in manufacturing similar products; on the other hand, it is to give customers more choices and ideas for the projects they are advancing. Based on the customer's perspective, we optimize and customize products for them. What is unique about a company that differentiates it from other companies.

All in all, this visit further deepened our cooperative relationship. Although it is our first time to cooperate, the customer also deeply recognizes our company's capabilities from the perspective of product precision and audit reports.

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