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Why do factories need IATF16949 certification?


Why do factories need IATF16949 certification? 

1. Reasons for the factory to do IATF16949 certification:

First, recognized by international brand customers, avoiding repeated audits of suppliers by foreign customers and saving costs;

Second, meet customer mandatory standard requirements and obtain customer orders;

Third, cost reduction and efficiency enhancement: Continue to focus on business performance and improve process performance indicators to achieve cost reduction and efficiency enhancement

Fourth, improve product and delivery quality: Use systematic development and improvement methods to ensure product quality and delivery performance.

2. Advantages and functions of IATF16949 certification:

Firstly, establish an IATF16949 quality management system to improve product quality and meet the requirements of automobile factories. Implementing the following requirements of the IATF16949 system can achieve the result of improving products and processes.

Secondly, IATF16949 integrates QS 9000 in the United States, VDA6.1 in Germany, EAQF in France, and AVSQ in Italy. The implementation and certification of IATF16949 can reduce multiple certifications of the automotive industry's quality system, reduce changes, and improve efficiency.

Thirdly, passing the IATF16949 certification will be recognized by IATF car factory members, increasing confidence in global procurement, thereby reducing the number of second-party audits of the car factory.

Fourthly, there is a common quality system for the development of subcontractors, and the common quality system method in the supply chain maintains the development and consistency of suppliers/subsuppliers. A common language helps to improve the understanding of quality requirements and reduce Multiple third-party certification audits reduce costs.

At last, a common third-party registration scheme to maintain global consistency. Global integration with other automakers to provide high-quality products to automakers worldwide.

Fortuna is an IATF 16949 certified factory. We are committed to providing high-end, precise, and reasonably priced metal stamping parts and CNC lathe parts for global automobile manufacturers.

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