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Cr2450 battery shrapnel innovative design

by:Fortuna     2021-02-02
Cr2450 battery contact piece of shrapnel and battery connections, charger terminals, the battery spring piece as part of the metal stamping. Cr2450 batteries shrapnel, battery shell is a revolutionary innovation on the basis of design, which include cell body base and instead of the riveting negative leaf spring. The design, reasonable structure, adopts the fission structure, cell body base and negative leaf spring can be made with different materials. Cr2450 battery shell on the basis of the guarantee good performance, reduce the cost of raw materials, and the product elastic, elastic adjustable range is big, product size precision is high, and the battery has a large contact area, low resistance, good electrical conductivity; Structure of a number of riveting, riveting more secure, can largely prevent appear to take off the rivet, tensile ability strong, to ensure the safety of consumers, and more convenient to realize production automation, higher production efficiency, suitable for mass production, to further improve the efficiency of product assembly, widely used in relay, connectors, sensors, such as stamping.
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