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Small car fisheye terminal plating knowledge question and answer

by:Fortuna     2021-02-09
1, car fisheye terminal why the plating? Answer: general motors phosphor bronze fisheye terminals are used to produce, the phosphor bronze are metals. Metal when used in a different environment, as a result of the medium in the metal on the surface of the chemical and electrochemical effects produced by the metal corrosion. Metal corrosion as a result, not only is the loss of the metal itself, but also due to the damage of metal structure lost use value wastes the resources, its value is many times greater than the metal itself. Therefore, in the mass production of metals and metal products at the same time, it must struggle with the corrosion of metals. Electroplating process is to increase metal protective performance and one of the most effective ways to improve the surface quality. Car fisheye terminal is the plating to protect metal from corrosion, improve performance and increase of metal products on the surface of the beautiful. 2, what is the plating? Answer: by electrolysis, fisheye the car terminal surface deposition of a thin layer of other metal method, is called the plating. Electroplating including plating pretreatment ( In addition to oil, rust) , post-treatment of plating on the metal layer and the plating ( Passivation, in addition to the hydrogen) Such process. Used to prevent metal corrosion, repair the wear part, increase the durability, reflective, conductivity and beautiful, and so on. When plating the metal parts as the cathode, the metallized plate or bar as anode, each hung on copper great above into the electrolyte containing coating composition, bubbled into direct current. 3, auto fisheye terminal plating before the general quality requirements? A: car fisheye terminal before the plating must be without scale, rust, stains, no pollution, can fully wetting by water surface and don't hang water droplets.
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