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Stamping parts processing plant talk about stamping die gap

by:Fortuna     2021-03-05
The gap between the punch and the knife edge in the stamping parts processing plant has a great impact on the quality of the stamping parts and the life of the stamping die. Therefore, a reasonable gap must be selected when designing the stamping die; to ensure the quality of the cross section of the stamping part, Dimensional accuracy, etc.; mold designers in stamping parts processing plants, after getting product drawings, experienced masters can naturally understand the general appearance of the stamping die structure, different products, including its materials, dimensions and appearance accuracy Requirements, etc. must be well known; stamping parts processing plants may have deviations in the design of stamping dies, or wear during use, etc., generally manufacturers will choose an appropriate range as a reasonable gap, as long as the gap is still within this range, Good parts can be punched out; the punching gap of the stamping die can be calculated according to the following empirical formula according to the summary and research of the factory master for many years; soft material: material thickness t <1 mm, punching gap cu003d (3% ~ 4%)tt u003d 1 ~ 3mm, c u003d (5% ~8%)tt u003d 3 ~ 5mm ,c u003d (8% ~10%)t hard materials: t <1mm, c u003d (4% ~5% )tt u003d 1 ~ 3mm, c u003d (6% ~8% )tt u003d 3 ~ 8mm, c u003d (8% ~ 13%)t The following is theoretical knowledge in books, the main basis is to ensure that the upper and lower cracks meet , In order to obtain a good section. According to the relationship of triangle ABC, the gap value c can be obtained as: c u003d (t h0) tanβ u003d t (1-h0/t) tanβ In the formula, h0 is the cutting depth of the punch; β maximum shear stress direction and vertical angle. Recommended article: The manufacturability of metal stamping parts Previous: What are the requirements for the shape of the drawing and stamping parts processing design?
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