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Precision stamping parts processing method and the matters needing attention

by:Fortuna     2020-03-30
For the production of precision stamping parts, if the raw material of steel is imported stainless steel material, rushed out of the precision of hardware, will often appear some wounded, bruised, scratches and other cosmetic defects. In fact, there are many method of dealing with this situation: add a protective film, on the material, ask when buying a material suppliers, product processing, don't gas or water, it is better to let the product one by one, cutting knife overlap, it is easy to be crushed and damaged! The cost is higher, can consider. SUS and domestic suppliers on the performance is different, but in ensuring adequate performance at the same time, the cost control is also a way to solve the problem! Add the right amount of cutting oil, ( Lubricating punch, incision to prevent scrap) Regular cleaning the mold, grinding punch in time, to keep sharp, reduce debris is also a kind of effective method. Mold finish must be good, clean mould surface with brush when processing, often clean the mould surface and the workbench, no iron particle impurities such as compression on the surface of a material or mould, but production efficiency lower. Related searches: stamping parts processing, metal stamping parts, sheet metal stamping parts, metal stamping parts link: http://www. wuxilongshun。 com/
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