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The position of the hole changes during the processing of stamping parts, why?

by:Fortuna     2021-03-06
In the process of processing stamping parts, there will be many undesirable phenomena, so what is the matter that the position of the hole changes during processing? What are the countermeasures, let’s take a look below; the reasons for the change in the position of the hole in the processed stamping part are: 1. The hole position and size are incorrect (bending and tensioning becomes thinner) 2. The hole is not concentric (the bending height is not enough, the blank slips , Springback, and undulations appear on the bending plane); 3. The bending line and the center line of the two holes are not parallel, and the part where the bending height is less than the minimum bending height, after bending, presents an outwardly flared shape; 4. The hole near the bending line Prone to deformation; measures to solve the wrong hole position in the process of processing stamping parts; 1. Ensure that the left and right bending heights are correct; 2. Correct the worn positioning pin and positioning plate 3. Reduce springback and ensure the parallelism and flatness of the two curved surfaces Degree; 4. Change the process route, first bend correction and then punch; Recommended article: Some advantages of stamping parts processing technology Previous: What is the chrome plating of cold stamping parts? What are the advantages
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