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Hardware terminal molding material with abnormal solutions ( On)

by:Fortuna     2021-02-11
Hardware terminal molding material with abnormal solutions ( On) Hardware terminal die during the period of new module, proofing will appear all sorts of abnormal strip, strip according to different situations, we should make the corresponding analysis, hardware terminal mode of material analysis 1: don't break when open mold material, mold all mat mat under normal and abnormal wooden mold, mold under normal in moving state downtime mat mat wood mold. 2: the first is a full of material. Walk when strip card in the mould, open die down to view the material. ( 1) See whether chip jump inside the mold, the strip deformation. ( 2) See if blade is plugging material, check whether the down hole is big enough. ( 3) Whether should be forming or blanking position have rushed out. ( 4) Whether parts made way is enough. Must check is part itself is not enough, Or no way) Or molding position is not in place. ( 5) If there is a flash blanking. ( 6) Whether the guide pin puller. Is guided needle to confront the period is too long, A general show mold surface material thickness) And guided needle with round hole clearance put small ( Usually unilateral 0. 005 - 0. 1毫米) ( 7) With a microscope to see bruised and stamps ( Products and waste bring to see) 。 Because of waste with stamps, can produce material with machetes, result in a material. ( 8) The chip card if there is a chip cuttings and jump cut. ( Chip card chip chamfer will jump, starts to have cuttings)
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