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High precision metal stamping die cutting gap analysis

by:Fortuna     2021-02-10
High precision metal stamping die cutting, is based on the metal plastic deformation, the use of punching die for the sheet metal processing to get the parts needed to shape and size. Dongguan city hardware electronics co. , LTD is a professional research and development and production of mold manufacturer, the following introduce the following mold cutting clearance. Blanking (cutting classification: Is the material separation process) , bending, deep drawing. In a broad sense, cutting can be divided for punching, blanking, incision, cutting, etc. ; Tell from the deformation mechanism, the cutting can be divided into general blanking and fine blanking blanking clearance definition: the cutting edge of upper die and lower die cutting edge clearance between the so-called unilateral clearance. Third, high precision metal stamping die blanking separation process. The whole cutting process can be divided into three stages: stage of elastic deformation, plastic deformation and breaking phase separation. : 1, elastic deformation phases: elastic deformation when objects by external force, it will change in shape and size of the deformation, the essence of the deformation of the distance between atoms is to produce change. If after removal of force ACTS on an object, caused by external force deformation disappear, objects can fully recover their original shape and size, the deformation is called elastic deformation. Due to the pressure imposed by the punch, material produce elastic bending and edge into slightly concave die, the bigger the gap, become warped on bending and 2, the more severe plastic deformation stage and plastic deformation: if after removal of force ACTS on the object, the object is not fully recover their original shape and size, the deformation is called plastic shape. Plastic deformation and elastic deformation are all under the condition of deformation does not destroy the ( The continuity damage) Usually use the plastic can show that the plastic deformation of materials. ( The plastic - - - - - Refers to the permanent deformation under the external force in a solid material and not damage its integrity. ) 2. 1. On the mold to continue downward & rarr; Internal stress increases to yield limit & rarr; Into the plastic deformation phase 2. 2 tensile stress and bending moment increase & rarr; Material deformation area began to harden & rarr; 刀刃口附近材料出现裂纹2。 Said the emergence of crack and plastic deformation stage 2 end. 4. Big small clearance directly affects the quality of the cut surface crack reason - directly - - Stress, strain, strain hardening crack produce time time, concentrated or not, the crack size, and so on become an important factor affect the machining quality of punching and shearing inner! ! ! ! 3 breaking phase separation: materials, the following to internal micro cracks extend to meet, separation section, produce rough fault zone above all, die-cutting gap analysis processing of high precision metal stamping mold, precision of mould and the whole product size has a deadly relationship, in the design of the evaluation period must assess in place. Dongguan precision hardware electronic have take company in r&d and production mold, have a professional senior design team, accurate, rapid and high quality to complete your needs.
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