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- the installation of metal shrapnel and circuit board structure -

by:Fortuna     2021-02-10
Precision shrapnel/metal shrapnel/metal/metal shrapnel shrapnel and circuit board installation structure with the installation structure of the circuit board on the circuit board on the position of the corresponding metal shrapnel form switch electrode, through the press the trigger switch electrode metal shrapnel, form a contact switch, metal shrapnel bottom molding has buckled feet, corresponding to the position of the buckle foot on printed circuit boards to form a card slot, through the buckle foot with card slot card embedded with the metal shrapnel fixed installed in a circuit board corresponding to the position. Metal shrapnel and circuit board utility model when it simply by installing the foot with card slot card embedded with the metal shrapnel fixed installation corresponding location in the circuit board, installation is convenient, simple operation, and greatly reduces working hours, improve work efficiency.
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