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The advantages and significance of stamping die design standards

by:Fortuna     2021-03-04
With the development of society, stamping products have been popularized in various industries, and people’s requirements for the quality of stamping parts are getting higher and higher. Therefore, the design and manufacturing requirements of stamping dies in the early stage should also be more standardized. The production of parts is of great significance; the following are several points of the significance of the stamping die design standards introduced; the first advantage is that it is conducive to ensuring quality, and can stabilize and ensure the quality of mold design and quality specifications that must be hit in manufacturing to ensure the quality of stamping parts Quality; advantage two, it is conducive to the computer-aided design and manufacturing of stamping molds. The technical standards of molds are the basis for the realization of computer-aided design and manufacturing of molds. It can be said that without standardization of stamping molds, there will be no computer-aided design and manufacturing of molds; advantages Third, it is conducive to international and domestic exchanges and cooperation. The standardization and standardization of technical terms and technical conditions will be conducive to domestic and international commercial trade and technical exchanges, and strengthen the technical and economic strength of enterprises and countries. China will promote it in the stamping mold industry. The mold standard used is the national standard and machinery industry standard approved by the State Technical Supervision Bureau, so in the design process should pay attention to the reference and selection of related standards; article recommendation: some problems in the processing of metal stamping parts : Some problems in the processing of metal stamping parts
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