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Relay terminal stamping movement process

by:Fortuna     2021-02-02
Relay terminal stamping is to all kinds of different specifications sheet or billet, use of mold and stamping equipment ( Press, also known as punch) Exert pressure, deformation or separation, to obtain a certain shape, size and performance of electronic components. Production is generally adopt vertical punch, and thus determine the stamping process is the main movement up and down, in addition, there are in the mold and sheet metal and mold structure between the various mutual movement. Mechanical movement can be divided into sliding, rotation and rolling three basic movement forms, there are in the process of stamping, but form the characteristics of various kinds of sports, the impact on the relay terminal stamping also each are not identical. Since stamping process there are so many diverse movement, in stamping die design should be to strict control of all kinds of sports, in order to achieve the mold design requirements; At the same time, also in the design should be based on specific circumstances, flexible use of various mechanical movement, in order to achieve the requirements of the relay terminal. Stamping process is the main movement up and down, but in the mould design of inclined wedge structure, distributing structure, roller structure and rotary cutting structure, etc. , can be corresponding to the main movement into a roll in the rotation of horizontal movement, mould and die. In the mold design of the special structure is more complex and difficult, the cost is higher, but in order to achieve the relay terminal electronic products shape, size requirements, but can yet be regarded as an effective solution.
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