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Hardware is how to overcome the stamping produce some bad phenomenon

by:Fortuna     2021-02-01
Stamping is one of the main products of dongguan hardware effective company, the company can design and produce all kinds of high quality stamping parts, but in the actual production process will inevitably appear some problems, such as stamping parts turn makings, distortion and so on. For these problems, the hardware of technical personnel is how to solve? First start from the source, that is, through the reasonable die design to improve. In the process of production the precision of the stamping forming is likely to be affected by the order of blanking, punching blanking arrangement of large-area first so, arrange a smaller area of cutting blanking, such effects are different. Second pin material ways to avoid stamping appear all sorts of deformation, so it need to open capacity on the stripper plate material clearance, which not only ensure the stamping in the stripper plate movement stability, to ensure that the materials have been pressure. In addition, with additional function and at the end of punch edge crush cant take out or curved, also can effectively restrain stamping materials, the phenomenon such as distortion, guarantee the quality of the product.
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