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Precision stamping nickel plating have any advantages

by:Fortuna     2021-02-07
Dongguan precision electronic technology co. , LTD. , founded in 2008, is the guangdong dongguan city, specializing in precision stamping parts processing enterprises, the main processing lead frame, non-standard precision shrapnel, terminal stamping, precision electronic hardware components, etc. In precision stamping industry, accumulated experience; Study technology, complex hardware technology to overcome and reduce the production hardware manufacturing costs. Won the approval of all brands. The nickel plating layer on the surface of the precision stamping, there will be a high stability in the air. Due to metal nickel has a strong passivation ability, can quickly generate a very thin layer of the surface passivation film, resistance to atmospheric certain acid, alkali and corrosion. Nickel plating hardness is higher, can improve the abrasion resistance on the surface of the products. Plating nickel crystal is very small, and it has excellent polishing performance. The polished nickel plating mirror glossy appearance, can be obtained at the same time in the atmosphere can maintain its gloss for a long time. Therefore, the nickel plating layer can be used as a decoration. Precision metal stamping parts can also be used for other surface treatment: galvanized, gold-plated, silver plated, etc. Different coating have different advantages.
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